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Dog Kennel Phoenix

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Boarding your pet. You should make reservations early, as soon as you know call and save the dates, even if they are adjusted later all kennels rely on reservations to meet their capacity limits. Especially on busy holidays if you don’t reserve early you may not find a place to board. Many kennels do require a credit card be on file for first time boarders and they may even have a cancellation policy. It is important to ask these questions so that you are fully informed before boarding at the facility. When possible you should visit the facility and take a tour, but be sure to call ahead and schedule the visit. Not all kennels will allow drop in tours by clients, but nearly all will gladly give a scheduled tour. You should always realize that a kennel will never smell like home and inevitably someone will poop when there is a visitor, but this shouldn’t be considered offensive. Look at the general cleanliness of the facility and realize that it will never be pristine at all times as long as pets are boarding.

You should discuss all boarding fees as well as potential additional charges. Be sure to discuss the acceptable payment methods as well. At this time you should also discuss any special needs that your pet may have, and divulge any concerns; the kennel staff will not think less of your pet or you but will appreciate this knowledge to make your pets stay more comfortable. If your pet is afraid of water, or is aggressive towards men, or afraid of storms, won’t go to the bathroom on concrete or is dog aggressive it allows the kennel staff to take the proper precautions. If your pet has a questionable temperament then board him/her a couple days as a trial run while you are home rather than waiting until you are out of town to flirt with disaster. Most kennel staff employees are not skilled in dog behaviors so a more experienced staff member should be requested to handle your pet if you know that a problem could arise.

Be sure to train your young pets by picking a weekend or weekday that you can leave them at a kennel facility to help them get adjusted, remember however that most kennels will not kennel pets under four months old. Pick a time that is not busy so that the stress of the stay is minimized and your pet can become comfortable with its surroundings. Older dogs that have never stayed in a kennel and are suddenly dropped off because of a family emergency can sometimes struggle with the stay. This drastic change in routine can allow hidden medical conditions to surface and may even cause severe anxieties. Be sure to ask the kennel the types of foods that are fed, and how often? Ask if you are permitted to provide food, if you have a special diet that you are feeding. And surely divulge any eating habits that your pet may have. Don’t expect your kennel of choice to be able to make extra efforts to make your pet’s first stay free of anxieties if you make their first stay on a major holiday weekend. Be sure if you are delayed on your trip you immediately contact the kennel to make necessary arrangements for the care of your pet. Also have backup numbers for friends or family on file with the kennel and give them permission to act on your behalf and in the best interest of your pet.

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